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January 29, 2016
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February 3, 2016

The advent of technology has brought about unprecedented revolution in a variety of fields, particularly in the education arena. Education field has been the most impacted and significant area of this technological revolution, which has almost touched upon each and every area of learning in a far more efficient and effective way, be it school level studies or professional courses. The advantages of technological tools in education are tremendous and have been growing ever in the area of communication of knowledge and its development and exchange. The ease with which things are made better understandable nowadays by the technology is immense, which were not imaginable in the past, may be about 2-3 decades ago. Learners get absolutely better insights when they watch 3D pictures of various experiments, particularly science, which reinforces their understanding when physically exposed to such circumstances.

Some of the technological tools that aid in the teaching-learning process tremendously are computers, smart-boards, mobile devices, internet/wi-fi, videos, apps, etc. When we speak about educational apps, Snap Homework App is one of the wonderful technological tools to stay connected with parents-students-teachers, which aids in communicating classroom activities to students and parents quite easily and keep the stakeholders in the network fully engaged in regular classroom updates, homework and messages. It synchronizes this linkage and supports the teachers, parents and students significantly and is highly optimized for classroom communication at no cost.

Technological advancement has literally transformed the teaching-learning process significantly so much so that access to knowledge is much easier and one has the possibility to learn more and more, faster and accurate about innumerable topics on the click of finger tip. There is no escaping the technology in today’s world and education is no exception. If one has to excel in the present scenario, one has to be technology savvy and there is no way out, because this has become the order of the day, lest one will be left out of the race. Alliance International School adopts technology at its best and is well seized of the developments in the teaching learning process and offers the best to its students, and shall continually aspire to provide world class technology based education.