A journey to a better future
begins with us
Life at Alliance

Going beyond the
"best" when best is Not Enough

Traditional study materials are designed with the assumption that teachers will instruct, and students will adhere to them. In Alliance curriculum, children often learn by themselves. Teachers are facilitators.

Children learn through application and discovery, making deductive and visually rich study materials and student-friendly textbooks more effective than traditional ones.

A year's coursework is segmented into semesters and periods, which lightens the workload. Children find satisfaction in completing each semester and eagerly anticipate the next one.

Each semester focuses on mastering specific topics, allowing children to cover more material in the same timeframe compared to traditional textbook/workbook/notebook combinations. This division of a year's coursework better aligns with a child's psychology.

Research shows that if we double the thinking time, we double a child's performance.

At the end of each semester or periods there is a diagnostic test for evaluation.

After gaining tactile understanding, children proceed to engage with "creative worksheets" designed in visually creative ways, encouraging self-learning and discovery. Each unit is subdivided into short modules, progressing from easy to difficult, with additional practice sessions dedicated to enhancing speed and accuracy. Even challenging subjects like Mathematics and English grammar become engaging for each child, fostering effective and joyful progress and intrinsic motivation.