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Daone Academy
Introducing DA One Sports Academy
Elevating Sports Excellence at Alliance International School, Banur

Alliance International School, Banur is proud to announce a groundbreaking initiative that promises to redefine sports training in the region. We are thrilled to introduce DA One Residential Academy, a collaboration with India's leading cricketer, Shikhar Dhawan, aimed at nurturing young talent and providing world-class sports training right here in Zirakpur-Rajpura.

Transforming Passion into Performance

DA One Residential Academy is an embodiment of our commitment to holistic education. It is not just about academics but also about nurturing talents beyond the classroom. We believe that sports play an integral role in shaping well-rounded individuals.

World-Class Sports Training

Under the expert guidance of Shikhar Dhawan's team, our students will have the opportunity to receive coaching in a wide range of sports, including:


At Alliance International School, our commitment to nurturing cricketing talent is reflected in our exceptional cricket facilities. Our state-of-the-art cricket complex, known as 'CricZone,' offers a full-size cricket ground that serves as a hub for honing skills, fostering teamwork, and promoting sportsmanship. With meticulously maintained pitches, practice nets, and spectator seating, our 'CricZone' provides an ideal setting for students to train, compete, and excel in the game of cricket.

  • Football

    At AIS, our dedication to fostering football talent shines through our outstanding football facilities. Our cutting-edge football complex, boasts a regulation-size football field that serves as a focal point for skill development, teamwork building, and sportsmanship promotion. With immaculately groomed turf, training areas, offers the perfect environment for students to train, compete, and thrive in the world's most beloved sport,football.

Lawn Tennis

AIS offers a lawn tennis program within the school curriculum, aimed at imparting essential tennis skills to the students. This initiative is crafted to address distinct educational and developmental objectives. Tailored for students in grades 4 to 12, the curriculum encompasses aspects such as safety guidelines, fundamental techniques, equipment familiarity, mental focus, and personal growth. Qualified coaches conduct the lawn tennis sessions, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience..

  • Basket Ball

    Basketball is highly popular game. To encourage our students’ interest Alliance International School has built to perfection, basketball court with exclusive lighting facilities.

Table Tennis

Tennis is fun, great for fitness and for developing hand eye co-ordination. It can be played by all ages and abilities – boys and girls can play together, so it is ideal for mixed classes.

AIS gives most children their first experience of sport and their early experience can often determine whether they stay in the game. MWS is equipped with hard tennis court following all international regulations.

  • Volleyball

    Volleyball is a wonderful choice for outdoor games player's. To generate the interest of students in sports activities MWS provides a well- maintained court with exclusive lighting facilities.

A Meesage from Shikhar Dhawan

I am thrilled to be a part of the DA One Residential Academy initiative at Alliance International School, Banur. Our goal is to identify, nurture, and empower the next generation of sporting talent. Through dedication, hard work, and the right guidance, I believe our students can achieve greatness both in sports and in life. Let's create champions together!